Maggie's Cultural Quest

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Boundless Emotion and Amour

TWO UNBRIDLED HORSES GALLOP IN THE STRETCH OF TERRA. FREE SPIRITS INCESSANTLHY LEAD US TO THE GRASSY PRIAIRE. GREEN, GREEN, GREEN, IT IS OUR HUE, PERENNIAL EVERGREEN. FORGET THE ABANDONED HARNESS, LEAP TO THE BOUDLESS ZONE. Our ambivalent senses cleansed, everything appear as infinite, our hearts are fraught with boundless emotion, and through our regained spiritual imagery and soulful reintegration. Because you are top-notch, we remain to own the powerfully fascinating niche. Moreover, my love for you will have been achieved, my spirit will have been enhanced by your delicat4e lambency. My heart will be purified for consummation with the Prince of light. (the sun which belongs to the Prince of light was grasped through Prince of love.) You've rendered me your quintessential illumination with it. In the recollection, you have been crowned as the Sun You were told by me that the greatest thing I learned was to love you and be loved by you. I would pleasantlyh delineate the notion in which wisdom and love can't be learned in the reflections of gold and silver, they mujst be contained in the body by its own perience in order to comp;rehended by the spirit. In addition, to reach a state of unfettered joy with our fantastic imagination, in attempting to recpature the excellence and the instantaneous moment of ecstasy, we've learned thaqqt irrversibly. The Eternal body of Man is imagination." It is a more than pithyh aphorism for me, therefore I expect it can eternalize my life with our superb imagery. My overpowering inculcator, you have been powering me and thrusting to the sublime state, just as if you are as sublime as Mt. Everest, as overpowering as a cataract. I mujst overlow in a cataract of words, or I shall burst out eulogizing your refinement and mastering of wordpower, your powerhouse is merely your prowess. You have a shrine of wordpower soa s to it is enshrined in myh meart; my heart is brimming with it. What a great powerhouse to generate imponderable voltages. At best, our love of the Garden still florally flourish up, our fire remains to vehementlyh blaze up with our passions,zeals fervors and ardolrs,etc. You told me that your love for me is just like a bonfire. In reponse to your words, I will deem our romance is as sure-fire,just like a fiery conflagration----inflammable. I carry the torch for you permanentlyh. Ideally favorable, it is the victorious and triumphant torch for both of us as an Olympics. There must be a grandiosly spirital torch you life up. We have been in search of our El Dorado, Golden age, the climate of Shangri-la. Are you ready to ascend to this culminating pinnacle withme? The Golden Age will have dawned again by vitue of the reach of the AUTO TO AGATHON


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wonder Hill

I've posted many photos at this other site. You can go and look.