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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Italian Splendors: Ancient Rome

Entering the Colosseum in Rome

Panorama of Colosseum

The Colosseum, 3

The Colosseum, 4

The Colosseum, 5

The Colosseum, 6

Outside the Colosseum

Some Roman ruins

The Temple of Venus, near the Colosseum

The Arch of Constantine

Another view of the Arch of Constantine

Actually very little remains of the great buildings that used to occupy the Roman capital. But even though most of the buildings have been reduced to rubble or torn down for materials to make new buildings, what is left is beautiful and grandiose. Here are some pictures of sights around the Colosseum.

Hope you enjoyed them!

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I'm much fascinateded with distinctive
cultures. It appeals me a lot. Like jewish culture
or history of English or Greek mythology and religious
mysticism, etc. However, I am an amateur. but I am
keen on these essential dynamics on the historical
movement of mankind culturally. My ultimate goal is to
travel all over the world, I expect that I can leave
traces of my footprint in the world. Mother nature
invigorates us to make a great progress and evolution.
Via exposing yourself to approach more, you can catch
more energy and effect very brilliant ideas, hence I
am in favour of naturalism and environmental


By travelling and socializing with different walk of life could enchance my horizon and get more satisfactions.  Life is short, Art is long.  So I am fascinated with exotic culture.   In particular, I am fond of English history and civilization much.  In addition, I much appreciated some work of arts from Renaissance time.  It is fabulous! magnificent!   However, it is great remaining wisdom and heritage of mankind on earth.  We need to preserve it well.
Since I travelled to Europue including Italy, France, the U.K., Germany, the Czech Republic, etc.  I am planing to build up my own blog which I could introduce more about their fascinating culture and marvelous vistas to people.  I am expecting to organize some panoramic scopes in my blog.  Waiting for this great work soon.(would you like to be my partner to work on this project?  haha!)
I've gotten some stunning pictures in those aforementioned countries.  They increased my glamors more.  Other than it, I also plan to collect some classic paintaings and dynamical  animation from virtual art gallery.  It is fun to share my collections with people.  Trying to establish my individual museum.
Telling people more about interesting anecdote is my pleasure.  Spread love and enjoy fun is a hightlight of life. "Joie De Vivre"is out of your "Savoir-faire".   Life is a celebration and Happiness is to attain top-values of accomplishment. 
Relaxation is a way to ehance great state of sound mind.  I love your salbrious activities you do.  It is a great access to closely contact the beautiful Mother nature.  It is fertile, hence it helps produce more profilic ideas and competence.  Discovering this divine creation more,  we will feel more spiritual and invigorating.
To find out some great companions to enjoy doing together,  it could be the optimal combination to reach the exuberant highlight.
Concering my career, I am a modeling agent about fasion catlaogues.  I am concerned about mainstream fashion and design.  Fashion is a manifestation of walking art.  It is mobile movement to stream among people, It gives people individual image and style in public. It is a pattern,a monogram, aura..... Even more it feasts your eyes and get this world more colo


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Leonard Cohen

Recently I've started listening to Leonard Cohen. Here's a good article about his novel:


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Monday, November 27, 2006

Rainy Day

It's a rainy day, so I just had my technical support guru help me update so I can use Beta. Soon I'll get working on this. Here's a picture from a sunny day: